Fleuves du Monde - Russie 2022

2 Vodohod River Cruises www.rivercruises.be Vodohod cruises have graced the Russian waterways for 17 years, and with age, comes experience. Our wealth of knowledge, combined with our commitment to the exceptional, allow us to create holidays like no other. Subtle sophistication and superlative service on board are mirrored by expertly curated, exclusive excursions on shore. We take care of every little detail, so you can relish the epic landscapes, vast cities, and boundless culture of our incredible homeland. Set sail on any of our 26 ships – each as special, and unique, as the land they explore – and discover the very best of Russia. Whether that’s on a classic sailing between Moscow and St. Petersburg, or aboard our exclusive new route along the Yenisey river, is for you to decide. AUTHENT I CA L L Y RU S S I AN. UN FORGE T T A B L Y VODOHOD DISCOVER THE REAL RUSSIA